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  Lodge: 2013 28-ft
  Angel's: 2013 28-ft
  Grotto: 2013 25-ft
  Narrows: 2013 24-ft
  Rental Agreement



Zion Trailer Rentals - Rental Agreement PDF

In order to reserve your trailer from Zion Trailer Rentals you must agree to the following:

  1. No smoking and no pets are allowed in the Trailer. The Security Deposit is non-refundable if there is evidence of smoking or pets in the trailer.
  2. Renter must have a valid driver’s license and be a minimum age of 25.
  3. Payment methods: We accept cash, American Express, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and PayPal.
  4. Reservation deposit: The deposit of $300 is non-refundable.
  5. Refund Policy: Zion Trailer Rentals will not give refunds for any reason. If you need to adjust your reservation date, please call our office at least 30 days prior to your arrival date and we will re-schedule your stay.
  6. Reservation deposit and final payment: Once we receive your reservation request form from our website, you will receive a phone call within 24 hours to confirm your reservation. We will process your $300.00 reservation deposit at that time. The $300 reservation deposit will be deducted from the rental. Prior to the day you arrive, the full rental payment including extra amenities ordered, firewood, campmates, cleaning service, water jugs, propane used, etc. is due. 
  7. Use of awnings is NOT included with RV rental. Attempt to use awning can easily result in injury to you and damage to the RV. Minimum fee for damage is $500.00.
  8. Cleaning and Security Deposit. Zion Trailer Rentals will not charge your credit card unless damages are present when the RV is picked up. Charges that will be deducted from the $500 security deposit, may include, ANY damages to the interior/exterior of the trailer, cleaning fees if the interior is not cleaned as you received it, or if you have stand by time. (late charges) Time changes, traffic, food stops etc. Cleaning fee is $100.00 min.
  9. A $50.00 lost RV key replacement fee if keys are lost and/or are not returned upon RV Trailer pick up.
  10. We will do a walk through together before the rental. Prior to Zion Trailer Rentals pick up of the trailer we require clean up. Please empty your trash and all food along with basic cleaning of the interior which includes: refrigerator, stove, oven, microwave, kitchen sink, toilet, sink, showers, and floors swept. Please return it to the same level of cleanliness that you received
    it in. If not fully cleaned to our standard; you will be charged a cleaning fee. If damage occurs during your rental period, any damage is the responsibility of the renter, regardless of cause. Charges may also apply for, missing items, broken items, vandalism, extra generator hours, and any excessive wear and tear.
  11. Fees are $75 per hour for any deep cleaning due to excessive dirt and $75 per hour for any repairs required; this includes travel time and gas for supplies. If all of these requirements are met during our final walk through, your security deposit will be returned.
  12. All travel trailers are insured; however you are liable for the trailer. A $2,000.00 deductible, per accident, will apply if any damage happens to the inside and/or outside of the RV.
  13. We have the right to substitute any RV if the rented unit becomes unavailable or cancel a rental at any time. We are not responsible to pay any additional charges to renter, other than the deposit received.
  14. All trailer rentals include: toaster, coffee maker, wine bottle opener, TV, DVD, AC, heating, sewer hose, water hose, toilet paper, electrical cord, cleaning supplies and a broom and/or hand vacuum will be provided. If sewage tank is filled on pick up we provide dump service for you.
  15. Drop off and pick up times: The drop-off time is any day 11:00 a.m. or later at campground. The pick-up time is typically any day 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. at campground and depending on your Campground check out time, and our Delivery & Pick-up schedule. The times can be changed if available. A 24 HOUR NOTICE IS REQUIRED TO CHANGE ANY DELIVERY TIME.
  16. PLEASE DO NOT BE LATE. There will be a charge of $25 per every 15 minutes that you are late over your scheduled pick up or drop-off times if the driver is kept waiting.
  17. Renter is responsible for keeping the trailer at its original location of drop off. If it is moved, appropriate legal action may result.
  18. Disclaimer: Zion Trailer Rentals will not be responsible for accidents or injury to its renter’s or their guests. Renter agrees to hold harmless Zion Trailer Rentals for the above mentioned.
  19. Attorneys’ Fees: In the event arbitration or litigation is necessary to enforce any of the provisions of this Rental Agreement, the prevailing party therein shall be entitled to all costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees incurred in connection therewith.
  20. We reserve the right to add a fuel surcharge to delivery prices without notice.
  21. Delivery Surcharge: A delivery surcharge will also be added for conditions out of our control such as road conditions and detours due to unforeseen weather or construction that causes more than 30 minutes delay to normal driving time or extra mileage" required to arrive at your campsite.


Download our Rental Agreement PDF file for additional information such as billing authorization, signature, and instructions for sending. 
A reminder that we are one hour ahead of Las Vegas and California.


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