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The Narrows in Zion

by | Aug 25, 2020 | Hiking

The Narrows hike through Zion National Park is by far the biggest attraction here. Our family does this hike at least 3 times a year. Hikers from all over the world trek through this crystal blue and green water, that flows through this canyon and into Nevada. Millions of years ago, The Virgin River, carved out these incredible red walls that climb thousands of feet on both sides of you. Now the river is more of a creek and flows slow enough for any age to walk through. The snow pack from northern Utah melts when the weather gets warm and makes for nice cool water during the hot summer months. The river bed is rocky, so I suggest wearing an old pair of sneakers. Some tourists rent hiking boots from the outfitters available in Springdale. We found that sneakers do the job just fine. Bring a lunch and a backpack with plenty of water. It does get about chest deep in some spots. During the rainy season, this hike can close due to flooding. The entire Narrows hike runs about 16 miles! However, most families only do about 2 miles and turn back. Plenty to see in those 2 miles though, so this hike is great for all ages. The best time of day is afternoon, as the rock walls turn crazy colors.